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An idea, ambition and striving for development of the wine tourism in Bulgaria.





VinoZona emerged in a quite natural way as a transformation of our hobby in a more focused activity while keeping the same passion and emotion of the trail-blazing.
Our travels in the country to a number of wineries, our talks with their owners and inspired wine-makers, the rich and long-lasting historical heritage, the charm of the Bulgarian nature and the capturing magic of the wine deeply convinced us that here – in Bulgaria – the wine tourism has a promising future and deserves receiving a much greater attention.
The first step we made towards the promotion of the wine tourism in Bulgaria was to write and publish the thematic guide THE WINE ROUTES OF BULGARIA (currently only in Bulgarian language with upcoming translation in English). The guide presents in a new and hopefully interesting way those Bulgarian wineries which we believe are completely ready to welcome curious wine tourists. The initial feedback from our readers encouraged us to go forward in the pursuit to reveal to much more people the wonderful opportunities the wine tourism offers – for diversification of their free time, as well as for obtaining a new knowledge in many areas: geography, history, culture, agronomy, etc.
Thus, we continued with the creation of this web-site where we’ll be presenting more often and more detailed information about the wineries in Bulgaria, their founders, and the ones that make the wine there. We will be showing the good examples from the developed world enotouristic destinations, and – not the least – we will be emphasizing on the qualities of the Bulgarian wines and the Bulgarian nature in order to help turning the country into a desirable place for visiting by foreign wine tourists.
Since the wine tourism can develop only where the high appreciation of wine is a basic virtue of the society, we will be putting efforts on increasing it in Bulgaria. Indisputably, the countries with high appreciation of wine are those with advanced economies and good education. The wine culture is a sign of civilization and quality of life to which any self-respecting nation must aspire.
We expect this web-site to become a focal point for all who are interested in wine, travels, and the compelling combination of both – the wine tourism. We strongly hope that they will find here interesting, inspiring, and useful information which they can also share with their friends. Thus, the “spell of the wine journeys” will spread over as many people as there can be.

For every good wine is an exciting journey too.
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