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We are in Croatia already, where we get to know its most eastern wine region, Slavonia, and its dignified 'capital' - the tiny town of Kutjevo.

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We continue our tour around neighboring Serbia with the aim to get a better understanding of its other wine regions and learn more about its winegrowing history.

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Through series of articles we will try to guide you on an exciting wine tour around the Balkan countries, one such that we did for ourselves recently.
We begin with our impressions on Serbia.
Stay tuned for the rest to come...

Green hills covered with vineyards and medieval castles sitting gorgeously on their tops. A superb local cuisine found both in Michelin starred restaurants and cozy guest houses kept by amiable hosts. And all this comes hand in hand with wonderful wines, impressive in diversity and unforgettable tastes. Needless to say, it is all about Italy. However, it is about a part of Italy not very popular with the wine travelers – the Colli Piacentini (“the Hills of Piacenza”)*...

The travel guide for wine tourism in Bulgaria, created by VinoZona, is already available in English. THE WINE ROUTES OF BULGARIA contains information about those wineries in the country – larger or smaller – that have all necessary conditions to welcome visitors, and most importantly, do this with great pleasure. The book includes a short but essential description of the important events and facts of the wine history of Bulgaria. There are also several pages revealing the wonderful tastes...

To tell about Tuscany in a couple of lines is simply a mission impossible. However, it might not be a much more doable task to describe Tuscany in great detail. Tuscany must be seen and experienced because it is just that: exceptional scenery, obsessing flavors and irresistible tastes. Despite the serious challenge we will try to give you some fragments of all that captured our senses and fascinated us during our short journey in this unparalleled part of Italy:

Although at first glance the consumption of wine doesn’t fit well with the traveling the wine tourism gains increasing popularity on a global scale in the last three or four decades. Until then the outings in vineyards, the visits of wine cellars, and even the attendance at wine fairs might have been nearly thousand-year old but have never been separated from the general understanding of the tourism as a journey for pleasure. There can hardly be an easier and pleasant way to get familiar with a new....

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