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 Victor Hugo

A first of its kind music festival, called Rock In The Wine Valley, is going to take place in the beginning of June 2017 on the territory of one of the most emblematic modern Bulgarian wineries - Midalidare Estate. Besides listening to their favorite music, guests of the event will have the chance to get familiar with miscellaneous attractions offered by Midalidare Estate apart from its main activity of quality wine production.

There is hardly any doubt that Melnik and its surroundings are one of the most prominent wine regions in Bulgaria. The millennial history of the legendary local wine can be told for hours and days. However, despite the old traditions and the favorable viticulture conditions the region has somehow left aside from the revival of the Bulgarian wine industry and the appearance of a number of new and very attractive wine producers. Thus, the reputation of the Melnik wine among the tourists in the region for quite...

The late tragic days of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom have given birth to a plenty of legends which still persist. One of them tells the story of the beautiful Kera Tamara – the sister of the Bulgarian King Ivan Shishman – who’s been familiarly called by the people Mara. As fate has decreed it hard she was obliged to marry the Turkish Sultan Murad in order to preserve the independence of the Bulgarian Kingdom. On the road to Bursa, where was the throne of Murad, Kera Tamara...

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